The Power of Pets

Have you ever wondered how your pet can improve your health, especially your emotional wellbeing?

Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets can have positive health benefits, including the following:

  • Pets can reduce stress: Research shows that just patting and interacting with a pet can lower both our stress level and our blood pressure.
  • Pets combat loneliness: Pets make excellent companions. They are so loyal and give us unconditional love.  For people who feel isolated with little support, owning a pet can do wonders to reduce their sense of loneliness.
  • Pets fulfill our human need for touch: Affectionate pets who are generous with their cuddles can evoke such positive emotions and make us feel better, just through their physical contact.
  • Pets require organization and routine: The routine of feeding, cleaning and exercising a pet can teach children about responsibility and can give us a sense of purpose and motivation. This can increase self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.
  • Pets provide a sense of purpose: Research shows that having a sense of purpose can help improve mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. With a pet, we are never alone and we have a responsibility to look after them.
  • Pets increase our social connectedness: Social connectedness is one of the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and is an essential part of our overall health and wellbeing. Owning a pet creates the opportunity for better social interaction. For example, meeting new friends just by walking your dog or waiting at the vet, due to a shared interest in pets.
  • Pets (mainly dogs) improve our fitness: Studies show that dog owners are more physically active and spend more time outdoors than non-dog owners. The responsibility of walking a dog keeps us moving and we all know that “exercise is medicine”.

My staffy Tank is like my daily dose of dopamine! I truly believe in the “power of pets” to help boost our health and wellbeing. Please feel welcome to leave a comment if you can relate to the power of pets too?

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