Stay Calm

STAY CALM…for most of us this is easier said than done right?

Stress is unavoidable, especially during a pandemic!
It is how we think about stress and how we react to it that makes the difference in how it impacts our health.
Remember that not all stress is bad for us. “Good” stress can be helpful for completing important projects, accomplishing challenging goals, studying for an exam and public speaking. However, “bad” or negative stress can cause anxiety, decreased performance and lead to poor mental and physical health.

Every individual has different stressors in their life. It is important for you to recognise the things in your life that cause distress, so that you can come up with a plan to manage your stress in a positive way.
Helpful hint: Try to see stress differently! Look at events or triggers from a different angle. Ask yourself the question: “Is there another way to look at this situation?” and remember, it’s not helpful to focus on what cannot be changed. Try to improve your mood by looking at what is going well in life, focusing on your accomplishments and what you have overcome. In other words, practice GRATITUDE daily as one of the most powerful interventions to reduce stress and to stay calm!
In addition to practising gratitude, here are some other ways to reduce stress:

• connect with others
• try different healthy ways to relax (music, exercise, dance, meditation and yoga)
• take time for fun creative hobbies
• try deep breathing exercises
• play with your pet
• spend time in nature
• make time to laugh

Please share your favourite de-stressing activity?

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