Sleep well

Do you know why sleep truly is medicine?

Let me answer this question by listing the consequences of a lack of sleep quantity and quality:
• depressed mood
• low attention span
• daytime sluggishness
• decreased sociability
• decreased caloric burn during the day
• increased hunger and decreased feeling of fullness
• insulin resistance
• decreased performance

What are some common sleep disrupters?
• eating or drinking too close to sleep time
• blue light from phone/computer/television screen
• caffeine and alcohol use
• stress/anxiety/worry
• lack of daytime sunlight exposure
• physical inactivity
• disruptive bed partner/pet

Lifestyle Medicine addresses the cause of poor quality sleep as the first line therapy rather than turning straight to a prescription medication.

Here are some useful tips to help you to SLEEP WELL:

• establish a regular sleep schedule if possible (same sleep and wake times)
• increase daytime exposure to sunlight
• avoid alcohol within 3 hours of bedtime
• eliminate nighttime caffeine and limit daytime caffeine
• eliminate/limit after-dinner and late-night snacking
• be as physically active as possible – make sure you move at least every hour during the day
• stay hydrated during the day
• maintain a healthy BMI
• partake in stress-reducing activities like breathing exercises, spending time in nature, mindfulness and meditation.

Remember, the quality of your nights sleep depends on how you live your day!
I wish you all a good night!

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